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Who we are and What we do 


The one and only school in Pakstan providing education in Sign Language by specially developed Sign Language Books under the supervision of Deaf Sign Language Research Group - DSLRG a project of Pakistan Association of the Deaf.


Why Choose Our Institute?

It is a special institute where we use Sign Language Books (complied by our Deaf Sign Language Research Group) for the educaion of deaf. Education using these books provide real education. These books Specially syncronized Sign Language with the written Langauge so that child after education become capable to communicate in the written langauge. 

It is a uniqe way of learning which have never been adopted for deaf education. 


Scholarship Facility

Special scholorships are available for deserving candidates.



Skilled Lecturers

Sign Language expert teachers are the best resource to deaf education.









Book Library & Store

Sign Language books and other materials availe in library for the facilitation of deaf children.


Our History 2018

Since 1999 we are striving for the education for deaf with the small institution named Deaf Empowerment Education Center - DEEC but shifted to full time educational institution and vocational training center with the name Center of Excellence for the Deaf in 2018. Thousands of deaf students of DEEC are successfully working in many renouned organizaitons. 

Over Best Facalties

We are proud to have the best trained facalties in town. No teacher can give education except he /she is expert sign language. 

We Have 1,500 Students

Since 1999 thousands of students have completed many courses in DEEC and now a large number of students getting education and vocational training in CED.